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Basic Information Jamie Ostler is a Radio DJ and co-bar owner of Ostler's in Nashville, TN. Born in Nashville, he left for college and ended up moving out to California for a few years before his father called him back to Nashville to take over the family bar with his older brother Korey Ostler. Jamie has never been married or engaged (though he has come close) and does have a few ex-girlfriends. He's considered a bit of a hopeless romantic, and is prone to writing love letters if a woman has really caught his fancy. He's also an avid lover of rock music, a trained musician himself (guitar and piano), and ultimately is seen as a happy-go-lucky guy without a care in the world. Which, isn't exactly true, but he hides it really well.

Biography Jamie Michael Ostler was born on Valentine's Day 1980 to Ron and Christina Ostler in Nashville, TN, the second of two boys. The Ostlers dreamed of having a large family, and their first son Korey was the first step towards that dream, and their second son Jamie completed that dream. Ron was a guitarist and bar owner, and Christina was a teacher -- while they didn't have the best things in life that money could offer, the Ostlers were happy and strong as a family unit.

Just because the family was rather large did not mean that any of the children suffered from lack of attention. Each was given the chance to grow and thrive in whatever they wanted to do, and Jamie went the route of his father and started in on guitar lessons at a young age. Jamie took up guitar, and fell in love with the instrument, starting a constant cycle of going in and out of bands at a young age, trying to find one that stuck. Of course, absolutely none of them did, but at least Jamie could find the humor in that.

While he took acting lessons and participated in local community theater, music was his real passion -- and after hard work in high school, Jamie was accepted to Berklee College of Music and went for music composition on full scholarship, and ended up also minoring in music production. Jamie finished his classes a semester early, and took the chance to move to California while he waited to be awarded his degree. Jamie's father Ron had a cousin in California who was a talent agent, and Ron had set his son up with the agent, in hopes that Jamie could expand his career dreams of music or anything else in the arts that Jamie hoped for.

Once Jamie arrived in California, he managed to get a few band auditions, but nothing really stuck. But he had gotten discovered one day at the mall, while describing music to one of his friends in a local music store. The man who discovered him told him he had a great voice for radio, and started to quiz Jamie on his favorite type of music. The two men ended up talking for about four hours, and by the end of that, Jamie had decided to try a job as a radio DJ for a week, to see if it was what he wanted to do.

It ended up being everything that Jamie had wanted. He was surrounded by music, was able to discover new songs and bands before anyone else, and also he was able to enjoy his life in California. It was a huge change from life in Nashville, and Jamie was welcome to the challenge. He lived his life, he fell in love, he got his heart broken, he picked up and moved on with his life, he was enjoying himself to the best of his abilities. On top of that, his family was proud of him -- that meant the world to him.

Through all of his adventures if California, Jamie had kept in touch with his parents and his brother Korey. In 2010, Ron told Jamie that he was looking to retire from owning a bar, and was asking Jamie and his brother Korey to come home - when they brothers did, their father informed them that he was hanging the bar over to them, in hopes that they would come home to Nashville for good to set their feet and stay a while, hopefully setting up roots where they could help keep the Ostler family in Nashville. Despite both brothers hesitating to agree, they eventually did.

Jamie, still determined to keep a life in radio, quickly started to look for jobs around Nashville in radio stations. He finally found one that worked for him, WRLT Lightning 100. He was hired a year after he landed back in Nashville, and has happily been working at the radio station and the family bar ever since. He's settled back into Nashville quite nicely, and has one again started to live his life - falling in love, falling out of love, getting into trouble, getting out of trouble, and he wouldn't want it any other way.
facts ONE Jamie has a love for music and discovering new artists - though he can get pretty picky on the music he listens to. For example, living in Nashville and not being 100% keen on country music sometimes can make you some pretty interesting enemies. Not that he's complaining, it just adds more into his already amusing life. two He had met a woman in California named Marissa who he had fallen madly in love with. But as all stories go, she ended up leading him on; she was engaged to be married and never told Jamie that he was just her last chance at freedom before she got married. This ended up even worse when Marissa got pregnant with Jamie's child. He had asked her to keep it, but also told her that he would respect her decision. She told him she got an abortion and left to go get married. He hasn't spoken to her since. three Is extremely close with his older brother Korey. Even when they both lived far away from each other, they still kept in regular contact, and both are pretty happy to be working at Ostler's together now. . four Has a big heart, perhaps too big, and sometimes people view that as him trying to be a womanizer. Really, he's just looking for love in all the wrong places constantly.